Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Happy Wednesday everybody! I wore this simple blazer-and-belt pairing on Tuesday to debut my new haircut. Whenever I'm in doubt, I either deck myself out in an all-black ensemble (dark colors are both timeless and slimming) or something neutral that provides a classic silhouette. The subtle flare of my blazer beneath the high-waisted belt and oversized shoulder pads reminds me of a traditional 1990s powersuit.

Wayfarers- Tilly's
Beige blazer- Nordstrom
Buttoned-up cardigan- Gap
Belt- Vintage
Thigh-highs- Drugstore
Heels- Etienne Aigner
(Underneath my layers is an American Apparel dress!)

Here's the much-requested close-up photo of my bangs/fringe:

If you can't tell, I'm trying to channel the French aesthetic of my favorite style icon; Louise Ebel. Please send me your feedback! Good, bad, sympathetic- I don't care WHAT the nature of your criticism is, all I know is that I want some! ;)

ALSO... I'm very pleased to announce that I'm officially a Teen Vogue Style Blogger! This is my first post, and I'm delighted to be a part of the experience.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. felt degrees of 'fascination' and 'inspiration' re blazer/thigh high combination...seems highly original. bangs look sweet, i feel. nice work bebe.

  2. The bangs look fabulous!
    But I understand why Elizabeth said that fringe/bangs always look better in a week or so once they lay the way they want. They'll look especially fabulous once your lil hairs soften up a bit! Regardless, they are beautiful!

  3. You look adorable with your new bangs !!!!! :D :D :D :)))) I want to have bangs too but it seem like doesn't suit me >"< I really like your style today :) Keep it UP stylish princess!!!! Thanks for sharing :D :D :D

  4. I will be honest. I think it looks better without bangs. You have pretty eyes.This new haircut focuses more on your nose. Which makes your nose look bigger. Your nose is not big but with the haircut it looks like it. I love your witch outfits! I also cut my bangs 4 days ago and I hate it! I wish someone told me an honest opinion instead of you look younger. Lol

  5. bangs seem sweet

    outfit seems sweet

    good job

  6. BEBE BANGS 4 2K11

    The bangs make your legs look extremely long. Its so crazy!
    Congrats on Teen Vogue Style Blogging you amazing creature!

  7. Realy love that outfit and your hair looks great !
    xxx from France.


  8. Wow..
    Ilove this outfit.
    I hae on personality glasses in one of my fits too =]
    I saw you on teenvogue..
    Im surprised you dont have more comments.!
    anyways loved the post

  9. totally cute outfit and the bangs look great! change is always nice!


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  11. the bangs look great!! did you cut it yourself?


  12. Beautiful! Love the bangs


  13. excellent outfit
    also I like the make-up and the poses, very natural