Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm sure you've heard people talking about how they choose what to wear according to how they feel that day. Well, assuming that you dress yourself as soon as you wake up, there's not a huge range of emotions to pick from when evaluating your general mood. Nonetheless, I think this look would best suit me on a day when I woke up and felt quiet and shy. Sounds absolutely absurd to know how quiet and shy you are before you've even left the house, but I guess sometimes you hop out of bed and aren't really ready to face the world with your usual extroverted aggression. In real life, I think I'm very excited and opinionated and eager to 'do stuff,' but I go through phases where I want to drink hot chocolate and brood quietly in a corner while reading Megan Boyle's latest book. On those days, I'd probably wear a black turtleneck. But a lace peter pan collar dress and beret work, too.

Beret - YES STYLE,
Blazer - Marc Jacobs
Dress - Chicwish,
Belt - Natural Colour,
Socks - Romwe,
Shoes - Qupid,

I'm not wearing ANY jewelry in this look, which is extremely rare for me. But I think it works in this instance, because the collar almost acts as a necklace. Maybe the tiny chain on the belt can be a... bracelet or something? Or something.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. you look womanly and sophisticated

    camel suits you

  2. Love's so chic! You're a fashion chameleon, able to shift from punk to goth to classy the next day. Absolutely incredible!

  3. I love You! I love your outfits! You are beautiful! You are amazing! <3 <3 <3 my blog with DIY

  4. this whole outfit is lovley. i love the little chain on the belt!

  5. I love the color pallet! It really make the lip color pop. This is really cute!

  6. SOOO cute I love the nude and camel colors in this look. You look really, really pretty...and demure. :]

  7. I love your outfit! My favorite part is the lace dress! I have been meaning to try out the lace dress look but I'm so scared I'll end up look like an old lady. You easily make a lace dress look modern. Maybe when I get one I'll try pairing mine with a belt like you did! I love your style Bebe! You inspire me to want to try new things!

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  8. I have those quiet days too. But I love your blazer and the retro dress you recommend<3

  9. Love your outfit !
    The dress is sooooooo pretty !

  10. The beret and peter pan collar are absolutely darling. x

  11. I always drool over your posts!!!!

  12. Love the outfit, especially the dress and shoes.

  13. This outfit is perfection, love the beret and jacket together.

    Eda ♥

  14. You pull off head to toe beige so effortlessly :)

  15. oh my gosh i love this!! very lovely dress :) you're gorgeous as usual!

  16. you look just perfect!

    x Aliya

  17. You are insanely gorgeous. And you dress impeccably! This look is so sweet, but I love your edgy stuff too! The lace dress is so pretty and I just ADORE the Peter Pan collar. Your beret is ridiculously cute. I love the socks with the shoes as well. And by the way, I am slightly obsessed with your hair. Those natural looking waves are exactly what I want when my hair grows out! Oh, and you're on my blogroll!