Friday, March 15, 2013


Over the years, I've noticed that people associate me less and less with music. The more I brand with the sartorial elements of fashion - the apparel trends, the kitschy fads, the visual tropes of a young adult acquainted with classic fashion themes - the less attention people pay to my parallel interests. Fashion is more than "clothes"; it's the rhythm of politically relevant aesthetics. The music you listen to, spaces you occupy, slang you use, literature you read, and even foods you eat are mired in a web of changing cultural preferences. Basically, what you consume reflects your attitude at large. But people seem to forget that "fashion presences" can (and do) accessorize with more than just Stella McCartney clutch purses and lucite stiletto heels. Instagram photos of boxed macarons, tweets about hitting the gym, embedded YouTube links to dance music mp3s are all accessories, manifested through social networks, but representing facets of pop culture that are just as indicative of lifestyle as are actual garments. People seem to forget that 'aesthetics' exist in tandem. So if you relate to someone's style, there's a good chance you'll likewise relate to their preferences in music, film, and literature. 

I don't want to be associated less with music just because my blog is fashion-focused. So I'm naming this look after one of my favorite electronic tracks from 2012 to give you a little hint about my taste in music. But I'm not satisfied proffering my own recommendations - I want to hear yours, too. If you relate to my style, or at least admire it from a distance, you might likewise relate to my preferences beyond the scope of 'personal style' and have some music recommendations to make of your own. So tell me what you're listening to! What's your favorite track or album? Of all-time? Of 2012? Of 2013 so far?

Snapback - YES STYLE
Cage collar - ROMWE
Chiffon dress - YES STYLE
Blouse underneath - SUGARLIPS
Sneaker wedges - American Eagle

So, a couple things here on the topic of CLOTHES: I'm wearing a detachable collar that I can only describe as a sort of bondage-inspired cage thing with straps crossing over my leather bodice and creating a business-not-so-casual one-piece partnership with my chiffon dress. I'll give you a minute to mull that one over. My second cool "garment hack" (i.e. clever way to create a new dimension without actually sewing or altering a single clothing item) is tying a black and white Sugarlips blouse around my waist underneath my dress. You can't see the knot, so it just looks like a fabric extension of the dress on top. But it isn't!! HOW EXCITING FOR ME WHEN I FEEL LIKE I'M TRICKING PEOPLE!

Anyway. This post in a nutshell: talk to me about music and hack your wardrobe. Peace.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Oh wow!
    Really do love how you style!
    S xx

  2. All time favorite (as of now) "Maybes" by Mount Kimbie, but it's from 2k9...

  3. It really depends on how I feel that day. I listen to a lot of Dance Gavin Dance on casual days. When it comes to dressing up and getting inspired, I tend to play Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Cansei Ser Sexy, Cut Copy, and Ladyhawke. So far in 2013, I've got back to listening to the Smashing Pumpkins. Do you have any current favorites??

    -BBY THG, AlexisSplash

  4. I love the dress it's such a statement piece!

    Emma x

  5. I don't think you'd like my favorite album of all time, but I still like your style.

  6. I listen to a bunch of different genres, but rap is by far my favorite and what I listen to the most. My favorite is eminems relapse album, it might the only album in which I like every song. You should check it out if you like rap.

  7. It's true that everything is related, but it's still hard to guess by the appearance alone. I love Fever Ray, Bonaparte and Queen :) Maybe the first two are only known in Europe or Germany.




    1. just found him the other day pretty weird shoegaze/rap, anyone else ever wish that you could tell people to make more music?

  9. I listen to very different kinds of musicgenres, sometimes it's hiphop or punkrock or indie. You can even say that the music I listen to in the morning sets the mood for my outfit.
    My favorite band is Will and the People, they mix different styles, like ska, punk and reggae. Their liveshows are amazing, my friends go crazy because I talk about them far too much :')
    Oh and I love the look as always, I'll remember the 'blousetrick'

  10. Hello there! I remember having similar thoughts about external elements digested and showcased as an outfit while reading your interview on Lookbook. A friend of mine once wrote,

    "Fashion Anorexia
    - digestion of culture from the inside out"

    I've been a longtime fan of your style and I was not surprised to see that we had similar tracks on our playlists, such as Ariel Pink, Tame Impala and John Maus. Having that said, I think you would enjoy the following artists: Mac DeMarco, Deerhunter, and Best Coast (if you have not already listened to them).



  11. stunning as always :)

  12. Awwwww i love that you listen to Burial :) I also love 'Kindred' and 'Archangel' by him and 'Nova' and 'Moth' by Burial and Four Tet. I'm obsessed with Warpaint. I really like The xx and MMOTHS and Hole and Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers and Azealia Banks. I like the Ceril Hahn remixes of Destiny's Child 'Say My Name' and Mariah Carey 'Touch My Body'. Grimes is so cool. I like to dance to all of Disclousure's songs. Right now i play Tyler, The Creator 'Bimmer', SBTRKT 'Hold On', and Atoms For Peace 'Ingenue' on repeat.

  13. i love discovering new music,i just find it hard how..
    i gave burial a listen and added it my spotify playlists (what a honor haha)
    i listen to songs by MRMS, they are my favorites at the moment,
    i turn off rihanna and listen to more influencing music when i'm trying to get dressed!

  14. of course your music taste is just as lovely as your style. I really love purity ring right now. saltkin is probably my favourite. maximalist by baths is lovely, and all alright by sigur ros is wonderful as well :]

  15. Really interesting hearing your views on personal "accessorizing"/branding. I definitely agree that style and, really, fashion at large reflect a fusion of different ideas and political climates. I also think it's interesting how we've become so immersed in consumerism that we're no longer just consumers — we're products. We "accessorize" ourselves.

    But back to aesthetics........... Really diggin this outfit and Burial EP. the fucking gradient slider on the last image... big ups to you

    + I've been listening to electronic, vaporwave, sample-based stuffz. Lot of Infinity Frequencies, Star Slinger... Also some shoegaze kinda music like Singapore Sling. Just started listening to (seriously like 3 minutes ago) Me Gusta's music too, really good shit.

    Happy vibes to you!

  16. I love it! New good music is hard ot find nowadays when there's so much crap out there, but the moment you find something worth listening for it's like a bliss in your ears.

  17. Hahah, i've always known that you have great taste, seeing that i came to know about you through HRO and tao lin. Recently i've been listening to tons of ital, la vampires, oneohtrix point never, balam acab plus tons of ambient mixes floating around the internet. and ahem. also tons of "Shitty" hip hop like pharrell, snoop dogg, lil wayne, riff raff and the "nonshitty" das racist. but maybe that's just a reaction to me trying to coerce myself into accepting the inevitability of summer, since i'm more of a winter sort of person. i need weather themed playlists to set my mood right again.

    and also bebe, i just wanted to say that you're a super awesome babe and if it weren't for you i would have still been (embarrassingly) rejecting the "feminist" tag. you have no idea how much yr online presence has shaped my own ideas and opinions. you go girl. <3_<3

  18. I absolutely love how you write.
    God, what kind of music do I listen to? A lot of different things. Lately, I have been listening to a lot of korean hip hop and electronica. Stuff like Epik High and Dj Clazzi (sounds weird, i know, don't judge).
    Other than that, I recently discovered Igdy Dean.

  19. you will love soap&skin !

  20. I've been an admirer of yours for a little over two years now :)
    I've watched your style change and I am glad every once in a while when you share your music picks.
    My personal music recommendations would be Hellogoodbye (particularly their Would It Kill You? album, though both of their two albums are very good!), Best Coast (their ambient yet beachy Crazy For You album rocks) and The Cults (their 60s-esque self titled album is brilliant). Let me know what you think :D

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