Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I put this look together a loooong while ago and only recently got around to wearing it. Some of you might already be familiar with my compartmentalized outfit system where I create a hundred some piles of coordinated garments and stack them up on my 'mobile wardrobe'. Throughout the week, or month, or series of months, depending on how many outfits I've shelved, I select a look from the racks according to whichever suits my 'emotional fancy' that day. A lot of accessorizing and tweaking goes into the outfit once it's been selected, too. I feel like I still owe it to myself to personalize an already personalized ensemble since my tastes evolve daily. The more information I consume, the more my perspective changes. And with a changed perspective comes a changed palette, which is reflected through the clothes I wear, words I use, people with whom I choose to surround myself, etc. you know the rest. Some people resist change, or refuse to let the things they know influence the way they sartorially self-represent. I believe that fashion poses an unparalleled opportunity to comment on the present world, and dressing in a conservative or unchanging style is a gesture of resistance to relevant commentary. It is a manifestation of stubborn ignorance. It isn't progressive. I can't say that everyone should value progression, or even branding with progression on a material level, but if you do and want to make your value visually evident, change your look in tandem with trends. Constantly.

This look came together in November of 2012, back when I was still influenced by a mystical, monochrome vibe. But I didn't end up putting on the outfit or photographing it until a few weeks ago. I still "like" the look (I think the idea is well-executed and it's pleasant and comfortable), but I recognize that it is no longer relevant to me or my life. Instead of homages to mystic, gypsy themes, I've recently found myself drawn to hyper-futuristic aesthetics in stark white and black. But there's room for outfits in between - outfits that don't exist to prove a point, to represent the cultural climate, to do anything except look good and shallow in their draping satin grandeur. The irony is that my acceptance of "the in between" could be visually likened to a gradient. To ombre. To dip dye. To what I'm actually already wearing. So even in my attempts to celebrate 'stylistic nothingness', small details like the fading blue pattern on my tee paradoxically reference a topical attitude, thus destroying my initial assumption that the motifs mean nothing. Such is "the text". Jk. Kinda.

As you can see, being a fashion blogger is so intellectually depriving that I'm now analyzing my own completely meaningless outfits from a critical lens. Looking forward to your comments about how you love the [something material] and will I follow your blog back because you're hosting a giveaway this week please and thank you? Bitch mode is ON. And I'm confident that I can get away with this level of unbridled snark because maybe only four or five of you read the text portion of my blog. I KNOW THESE THINGS. Hi.

Beanie - 99 Cent Store
Circle scarf - c/o American Apparel
Satin robe - Secondhand
Gradient top - ROMWE
Crushed velvet leggings - TOXIC CODEINE 
Conquer booties - Pink & Pepper

You might remember the last time I wore a velvet piece from Toxic Codeine - the look was "Studs To Boot" and I paired a TC bodycon mini with a cropped tank for a unique summer silhouette. If you're down for the studded goth, plaid, and leather look, Toxic Codeine might be ya steez.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva




  2. The way you evaluated this outfit is perfect and it provided me with some intellectual stimulation. Fashion blogging is as empty as it seems, yet somehow we feel the need to keep up with it. I wish someone else had commented before me about how they love this or that so I could have gotten a good laugh.


  3. cool robe.


  4. I started following your blog for your words, your outfit posts were merely a visual treat to compliment the words. I love the way you write and describe things. Your choice in diction makes your writing that much more enticing! I would love to know the thought process behind how you come to write out your thoughts so beautifully?

  5. omg, this made me laugh so much! I love how the comments reflect what you were saying. way too funny.


  6. "Looking forward to your comments about how you love the [something material] and will I follow your blog back because you're hosting a giveaway this week please and thank you?" Oh my gosh, and you're right- the comments are hilarious in this context.


    Just kidding. I always always always read the text of your blog. I think you're a wonderful writer and I am fascinated by your thought process.

  8. Girl, the entire reason why I follow your blog is cuz of your amazingly intricate way with words! The outfits are fab - but the content is even more so.
    just wanted to let you know of the existence of someone who DOES read the text portion ;]


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  10. I do like this look, though I'm not digging the numerous bindis (cultural appropriation and all that good stuff) even tough they're really pretty. I love the way you write, though. I am so close to disagreeing with you when you say that not changing one's wardrobe in accordance with changed perspective is stubborn ignorance. I get it, really. Sometimes. And it makes sense, because I do it ALL THE TIME. I don't even have a "Style" for that reason. But not allowing your style to be affected (and this happens a lot with minimalism) is a social commentary of sorts, and does seem to cast them in a positive light. I have seen many a fashion blogger and artist approach and settle on minimalism, and nary have I seen one regress. And I think that aesthetically, the minimalists seem to be more observant than we. That is a key point I found in Suzy Menkes' T Mag article, even though I didn't agree with her sentiment. The minimalist style seem quiet and ponderous, and for most of us, especially when trends are picked up on and discarded, seem raucous in comparison. If it is one's style to observe the world without partaking in it, and their sartorial taste reflects that, it does not necessarily mean they aren't progressive. They may simply be able to see something we don't even know exists yet.
    On a lighter note, I like your outfit :)

    Blog: Youth Savage

    ♥, Khadijat

  11. love your outfit! I love the robe! I really want more things like that and to wear them but it is way to cold for that in Scotland. I also hate with a blog that you write and half the time people dont read and they dont leave comments on what you are writing. Im also asking questions back in my blog about what peple may think about something and in every comment its just about the outfit! So annoying.

    Hayley xx

  12. świetnie !

    Pozdrawiam, modefriends

  13. I never skip the text, especially not your text because you really know how to put things into words. But making comments about your look is what it's all about in a fashionblog, it's just annoying when people only comment to promote their blog or say stuff that differs from the text because they didn't read it.

    Now follow my blog back, okay??



  14. I know your internet presence is not a true representation of you as a real human, but I'm enjoying the deeper glimpse into your mind lately. New degree of realness (ha) with your tweets/posts/interviews.

  15. Your words are my favourite part of your posts. I love the photos too, obviously, but you always have something awesome and insightful to say. It's rad.

  16. Your one of my favorite bloggers, because of the story that goes with your outfits. Your style is fantastic and I can relate to it, but the story behind your outfit makes me want come back to your blog every single time. (oh, Im sorry for my bad grammar, not a native English speaker, unfortunately! I understand every single word you write though)

  17. this sticks on your face looks amazing <3

  18. Omg I do that with my outfits too! I thought I was the only one! lol

    Anyway, you look flawless as always :)

  19. Loving your style! very edgy

  20. Lotta misdirected rage there kid. But I still love your billowing swathes.

  21. I always read what you write, even when I don't like the outfit that much :)
    I started following you because of a little story you made up for one of your outfits, I still remember the title of the entry: it was "Vermont" and you were wearing an orange scarf and a pair of ankle boots. I so loved the imaginary you created around that outfit, in which I wasn't that interested, that I decided to follow you :). You seem like a clever young woman to me and that is the reason why I'm following you, aside from some shared taste in clothing ^^

  22. Now I feel like I can't say anything about the robe, even though it's pretty... =S

    Usually I just read everything but lurk, or come out with those 'OMG i LOVE UR ....' comments (without the obnoxious 'followmebackplz', because that's unecessary), because I'm not sure whether anyone would be interested in reading my mammoth thought processes either. Since everyone's sharing though, I may as well:

    I can't say I agree with the notion that dressing conservatively is stubbornly ignorant, or unprogressive. Yes I add wacky colours to my looks, but I don't really lean towards a specific 'theme' of dress (eg- gypsy, urban, preppy etc), & I always keep my looks modest. This might seem boring & unprogressive, but I prefer it because it allows me to be a quiet observer (like a lurker, but offline- I think they call it 'real life'?) It allows other people to make assumptions about me, just so I can prove them wrong later (maybe that does make me stubborn, after all?)

    Take for example the fact that I am the 'creative' type- I write/ draw/ animate etc, but most people assume I did science & medicine at school (just by looking at my small, South Asian, bespectacled form). In some ways, I actually make a conscious decision to not broadcast my creative passions to the world- yes in some circumstances that's because I like to subvert expectations (& prove that people's stereotypes as wrong), but it's also due to the fact that my creativity is something I am sensitive about. It feels so intuitive to me that it's hard sometimes to know who will & won't understand it (your vision, as well as the process and lifestyle). I sense that same feeling of vulnerability off you too 'Bebe', so you'll probably know what I mean when I say I don't want to wear my heart on my sleeve ('heart' being the creative lifeforce).

    All in all, even though I'm a little too careful to do it myself, I applaud your ability to wear your heart on your sleeve :)

  23. Love everything about this outfit. My favourite colour is blue. x

  24. Replies
    1. And still, I'd like to say I like your outfit (yeah it's material).

  25. Thank you. A lot of people tend to stick to a certain type of style when it comes to fashion. I like to explore and play with different styles and just combine them to create my own. But I totally agree how people just look at the pretty pictures and ignore the text.

    Anyways, love the deep blue color. One of my favorite looks so far.

    - BBY THG, AlexisSplash


  26. deconstruction. derrida. text.

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  28. Just wanted to let you know that although I don't really read your blog that often (I follow you on LB) when I do it is absolutely for the text. I find you eloquent and I like when words can make me think.

  29. I always read your text, Bebe

    But seriously, totally get what you're saying in that last paragraph. All too often people use the comment facility as nothing more than a way to shamelessly promote their own blog, attempting to not-so-subtly veil their agenda by adding a one-size-fits-all 'cool outfit!' comment above the hyperlink. I've wanted to do a post about this for ages, but you've summed it up far more succinctly than I ever could.
    And for what it's worth, I've been reading your blog for the past year and a half - it's the text that kept me interested. I'm sure that can be said for the majority of your readership.
    Betti x

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  32. This look is so fantastic. I adore the shades of blue, ombré, the beanie, the bohemian touch. You have such an eye. I found your blog today, I usually read classic fashion blog, but I still love yours. You wear so unique clothes so beautifully and in your own way, I love it.

  33. love!

  34. I follow mainly for the text! Interesting to know how you think when you dress this confidently.....

  35. So gorgeous! I love reading your posts, they flow so wonderfully xx


  36. Love the velvet!
    S xx

  37. Those leggings are insanely awesome! x

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  39. i love the text portion of your posts, i often find myself wishing that they were longer in fact. i'm only a few years older than you but i am always reminded of my younger self when i read your thoughts. keep thinking, stay interested... the world needs kids with big ideas.

  40. haha, and the 4 or 5 of us who actually read through your blog are unlikely to be commenting "maybe we could follow eachother? check out my blog!" :')

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