Thursday, February 28, 2013


Those of you who've been reading this blog for a while know that I have a "thing" with road trips... specifically ones in which I drive out to Los Angeles. No, I don't have a license so I'm never actually the one behind the wheel, and while not being able to plan my own exodus on my own terms is inconvenient, getting to put my feet up on the dash in the passenger's seat of someone else's car makes up for it tenfold. I haven't traveled in a while because my (not so) recent breakup 1) spurned an irrational intimidation of LA (and of everything in general, I now realize... heartbreak is unnecessarily humbling) and 2) sent me careening into aforementioned "quarter life crisis" in which I am essentially too crippled by perennial cliches (WHO AM I?!?!) to satisfy my sequestered wanderlust. Every day I wake up and wonder "is it over yet?" -- can I go back to being my comfortable, collected self? My sister says that you can't force personal harmony. You'll know that you're 'healed' when you feel your proverbial chakras align. Neither of us really buys into the 'new age anatomy' idea, but it doesn't matter -- something within really does 'click into place' after enough time has passed. And it is my understanding of (stupid, idiot) love that nobody gets to decide how much time that is. 

I'm hoping that sporting a look that reminds me of traveling West will get me back in the vagabond groove. You learn so much more about yourself when you're on the road, in between two cities, meditative with your forehead pressed against the window glass. No time at 70 miles an hour to concentrate on the canyons and cacti that pass you by, and too much solar glare through the dash to see the horizon in focus. You're stuck in your own head, but you're in motion. Having a novel destination means that something 'important' by virtue of being unexpected will happen whether you anticipate it or not. That confidence, that trust in the literally illuminated unknown, is the most incredible sensation in the world. It is an unspoken flavor that will save my life. I'll always have the road, even if I have no one waiting for me at the other end. 


Hat - Zara
Headchain - Funny People Co.
Fringe sweater - CHICWISH
Ladder necklace - Vanessa Mooney
Leopard leggings - Wholesale Orders
"Funky Booties" - Pink & Pepper
Fringe bag - CHICWISH

Many thanks to Funny People. Co (the makers of my beloved turquoise headchain) and Vanessa Mooney who understand the need for jewelry to compliment a look to compliment a Mach 1 Mustang to compliment a restless lifestyle. Not sure where the idea to pair a headchain with a wide-brim hat came from, but it came, and I acted on it instantly. Praying that I'll have a chance to debut the couple - and maybe even a similar leopard and leatherette fringe ensemble - on a trip West sometime this spring. 

I've written about my love affair with travel before... In Love With Dusk.

Still my favorite photo of a random LA sunset in a random LA Walgreens parking lot.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. You look like the chic 2013 version of Mrs Flinstone! Love it! xox

  2. I LOVE your style. Been stalking your lookbook for hours.. Can I have your wardrobe please? Great great great!

  3. Woua I love this pants!

  4. Oh my god I have a constant need to road trip to LA or anywhere on this side of the Pacific. If only I could drive D': Your outfit/makeup is SO GOOD though. I love those leggings =^.^=

  5. 'That confidence, that trust in the literally illuminated unknown, is the most incredible sensation in the world. It is an unspoken flavor that will save my life. I'll always have the road, even if I have no one waiting for me at the other end.' -> Seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever read on yor blog. ♥
    I love reading your texts! And that outfit is fantastic, I love the silhouette and that whole color scheme~
    Rock on, girl! You're amazing.

    - Julia

  6. I am DYING over this outfit! I totally love the western vibe. Gorgeous layering of necklaces!

    Style Infatuation

  7. Breakups are the fucking worst, but it's definitely a 'getting to know who you are' experience, which is probably a good thing. I had to start afresh, move to another part of the country just so I could even begin to start functioning again as a human. Now known as the ice queen with a black coal heart, oh well, at least it adds a bit of mystery....time is the healer, it's just a shame that it takes such a long time. I like the hat, but whenever I wear a hat like that the wind always nearly blows it off and I find it annoying.

  8. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!! Your outfit is amazing... I love! <3

    Carmen xxx |

  9. easily one of my favourite of your outfits...absolutely gorgeous

    1. Agreed!
      I freaking love this.. <3
      UK High Street Fashion & Style

  10. I love how the bottom part of the leggings match with the boots, at first i actually thought that was the actual boot lenght!

  11. why did you do this to yourself? i mean, tell my why did you do placist surgery - your lips used to be beautiful and natural. actually, all of yourself used to be cute, you were such a nice girl! i saw archive (2010) and i just can't understand this. i'm just curious so answer me :) no hate- seriously. just tell me. did you hate your looks? you were sweet and now you're looking like a doll, but, err...weird

  12. She hasn't had any plastic surgery ohmygod xD She just draws her lipstick a little over her lipline to get a more catchy effect. Makes your lips look a little fuller. That's all. What the heck. Lovely outfit by the way Bebe ^_^

  13. love this outfit! :D

    Hayley xx

  14. Your style is so freaking unique, love your lipstick as well

    A little bit Unique


  15. Your shoes are amazing
    S xx

  16. Great writing, makes me want to go to LA. The weather here is miserable, we've only about 4 days of spring with searing hot or overcast and depressing every other day. I've heard LA is much less temperamental :P

  17. Great photos, such an amazing outfit too. I love your make-up style and jewelry ! Superb !!!

    all the best,


  18. Entire outfit is amazing. Loved your blog!!!

  19. Aint nothing like a good RT to clear the soul. And what better outfit to do it in that this? Perfffffffect.

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