Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My obsession with tying a blouse around my waist probably dates back to an evening in December when I was wearing a matching polyester dress and legging set and needed to break up the blending turquoise graphic with some sort of... horizontal accessory. I was in LA and hadn't packed a single loose button-down, so I asked one of my dude friends if I could scour his closet for a potential saving grace of the long-sleeve dress-shirt variety. Eureka, I found a denim button-down and threw it around my waist for one extra layer. It looked grungy and spontaneous, which is just the attitude I needed for an otherwise extremely zany and thought out "aqua ensemble." For those who wonder, this was the outfit. Ever since, I've been tying a shirt around my waist for extra oomph. Also helps that I feel less awkward about how obvious and huge my butt looks in leggings. ^-^


Beanie - 99 Cent Store (the BEST)
Satin jacket - 9 CROW STREET
White blouse - ROMWE
Diamond print leggings - ROMWE
Sneakers - Jeffrey Campbell
Beach clutch - COZBEST

The satin jacket is a pastel staple -- perfect blend of street and fairytale. I got it from 9 Crow Street, the same off the charts rad vintage retailer that gave me the skirt I wore here. And maybe you remember the three collages I composed a few months ago spotlighting their styles! If you're curious, yes, their stock is still kicking ass in every department. Especially outerwear. Duh.

I'm rocking a pair of "diamond cut" leggings from Romwe (you can place an order for them here) with Jeffrey Campbell Gio Sneaker Wedges c/o my Solestruck pals. The metallic motifs in the leggings' icy print work so eerily well with the silver mesh insets that there's no way this isn't evidence that fate is legit. My beach print clutch -- which I might point out is a Tumblr wet dream for any 'pastel' and 'tropical' bloggers -- is too on point to even be real. My love and gratitude to the power of infinity goes out to Cozbest for hooking it up.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. love this outfit! especially the satin jacket :)

  2. thats great idea. i'll use it while mountain hiking ;)

  3. Absolutely love the pastel colors in this look!

  4. I love the satin jacket! I totally agree with tying a blouse the waist gives an extra "ouf" to a look. I became a huge fan of it and all I want to do is just buy button downs and cardigans just to wear around my waist lol. Living the thug life lol


  5. The jacket is my favorite! I am uneasy about my big butt as well in leggings =)

  6. the pants are amazing!
    have a nice day ♥

  7. YES! 9 Crow Street is one of the coolest online stores I like to browse (min. wage student salary hooray. Loving the leggings, and the sunglasses.

    Youth Savage

  8. I love the diamond print legging! Haha, I don't think i've tied a shirt/sweater around my waist since the third grade, but of course you pull it off so chic!

    Style Infatuation

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    : - *


  10. I'm loving this pink on you!
    Very retro spring
    S xx

  11. Superb! I adore those leggings. You look like a cosmic version of Cher from Clueless. *O*

  12. cool!

  13. only you could pull this off, so awesome i wish i could! loving how the leggings give off this monochrome-esque vibe xo

  14. I'm completely in love with everything about this outfit! x

  15. I've always wanted a pair of sneaker (wedges) and now that you've rocked one, I want one of those even more! Love your look! It's got that awesome modern-ish 80's vibe :)

  16. Wow, EXTREMELY cool! Great pictures!

  17. perfect!!!!
    Emma xx

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