Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It’s been a rough winter for all of us, some more than others. ‘Seasonal depression’ is a pretty common phenomenon among us lot of uber sensitive, unnecessarily emotional creatives. We need the physical comfort of warmth to remind us that life is real. We need long, summer days to trick us into believing that we’re not running out of time. We need barbecues and pool parties to distract us from the imminence of death and other stupid melodramatic existential shit (things that only privileged people have the free time to think about). Winter, obviously, is an overt threat to our sanity. We whine, mope, weep, deck ourselves out in monochrome and refuse to remove our circle sunglasses in public, flattering ourselves with the masturbatory paranoia that other people will want to make eye contact with our sorry asses. We’re perfectly sad. Pristinely depressed. Depreston.

Hat – Secondhand
Sunglasses – DAISY POTION
Silver cuff necklace - OASAP
Fringe coat – OASAP
Gray mini-dress – OASAP
Loafers – Swaychic

Many thanks to OASAP for the necklace, dress, and coat! I’d be naked and unaccessorized without you. These are the material wonders that keep me alive and inspired in the treacherous emotional valleys of winter gloom… I will survive. And look like a very posh, very tortured soul while doing it.

I guess I'm in that embarrassing "quarter life crisis" phase where - with no tinge of irony - I don't know who I am or what I want to do, all I know is that my current routine is NOT working. I find myself toting textbook knowledge like a trendy handbag, and subconsciously it's trivialized everything I know because I am too eager to share it with other people. I can't outsmart my unspoken ulterior motives - that "knowingness" will help me gain membership into some community founded on chic theories and artistic revolution. Maybe I'll find peace this Spring. I want to live every day not thinking about the future. I think I've sort of been through this before... a sadness onset by "competitive culture." Only people who are winning are happy; the rest of us are made to feel worthless and doomed. We can either join our oppressors in the Elite Climb, or we can find happiness elsewhere. Like in a beam of light.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. shoes similar to this from topshop and vagabond. i would stay in vagabond version, cause i would be sure that they are comfty.

  2. I feel the same way in the winter. It will get better.


  3. nice coat, you look beautiful.


  4. Hmm, I can relate to your feelings!
    But I'll keep it clinical and just say that your outfit looks great :)



  5. Lovely jacket! Your so beautiful!


  6. I know this is only a randon anonymous comment but thank you. I feel the same way and none of my friends seem to understand and I was really desperate until I read this. Thank you!

  7. That blonde just looks so perfect on you. I love the coat too

  8. you are stunning, that coat is perfect, and you have thousands of fans who love you! you are winning girl! xo


  9. Love this whole look!
    S xx

  10. beautifully written.

  11. Feel compelled to respond to your comments about winter depression and the trivialization of knowledge through competition and death and the existential crises both can cause (or is it the other way around???). Have been very aligned with those... topics? phenomena? occurrences? *things*? during the past few months, and it was interesting to hear your experiences with them, so thank you for sharing them.

    Hope you find solace in... something

  12. thank you for this

  13. Well said in the description for this look - I completely know what you mean.

    And a great look as usual =)


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