Saturday, February 9, 2013


If I had a cigarette for every time a bum asked me for a cigarette while taking outfit photos downtown… I’d be Philip Morris. Sometimes you need to will yourself into mania. Slip into those velvet overalls you’ve never washed, the Motley Crue tee your ex-boyfriend handed down to you. Toss your blonde hair to the side, hold it in place with a bowler cap that’s helped you look your best while behaving at your worst. Fend off the fiends with a spiked collar but invite their jealous gaze with a cargo jacket cooler than Nikki Sixx’s hair in 1985. Boot up with a pair of flat shoes that’ll at least keep your feet comfortable when the rest of your body aches from one too many god knows what… “A decade of decadence, tattoos, attitude, and fast lane rock n’ roll.” Don’t just drink to that – die for it.

Bowler cap - ROMWE
Sunglasses - RETRO CITY
T-shirt / Overalls - Secondhand

Wish I could have blogged about this two-toned military jacket as often as I’ve worn it about town, but that’d be nearly every day and a case could be made for ‘content monopoly’. Content monotony, too. I got this steez from Story of Lola, a clothing line that prides itself in depth and function. Most of their garments, from distressed mesh sweaters to shredded denim shorts, possess a dark and industrial boldness. This jacket is called the “Rooba Hooded Parka” and hails from Story of Lola’s AW 12 line… still kickin’. Peep their official site and Facebook page for more. The layers underneath are secondhand and vintage. Fortunately for you, my shoes aren’t so one-of-a-kind. A good thing, because it means you can have them, too. ^-^ They’re of course the work of Pink and Pepper, sincerely my two best friends (is it sad for me or really cool that they're cartoons?) of the 'retail variety.' They own some serious property in my shoe cubby, and these skull-slinging boots are rockin’ the penthouse right now.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Love this outfit! Especially your boots, so awesome. xxx

  2. Love this look, especially the jacket and bowler hat, and your hair looks lovely to the side!

  3. I love the way you write.
    Megan xxx

  4. awesome outfit. Lovely hair and amazing shoes <3

  5. Like both your text and your pics. Lovely hat! X

  6. Amazing look !


  7. Fierce, stunning, and gorgeous, as usual! xo


  8. Great look in love with your styles
    xx rose