Friday, February 8, 2013


Some years ago, I knew a guy who took crazy photos and made t-shirts and hated everything (including me eventually) but was nonetheless quietly inspiring... I've always been tempted to hate him back but to this day feel reluctantly endeared to his poetic cynicism. Love, hate, same difference. The point is, he designed this t-shirt which my friend letter shredded and passed off to me. Its lasted me many a wild eve... which might be why it's now almost completely held together by safety pins. Sometimes life distresses your own clothes for you. I paired the huge tee with a tiny Meemee vest and cropped jacket from Wendybox. Throw some reflective lenses and flannel into the equation and you've got A Look. The "Flame and Stud."

Flames beanie - GYPSY WARRIOR
Sunglasses - 80s Purple
Shredded tee - Outline LA
Flannel - A&F

Since this is my first of many posts featuring Daily Look, an innovative online retailer with whom I'll be regularly collaborating, I want to give them a special salute and officially welcome them into "my world." Or maybe I should be officially welcoming myself into THEIR world?? I'm down for that, too... heaven is living in a virtual loft somewhere between a series of trendy stock photos. Anyway, forget my non-sequitur retail fantasies for a minute and check out their inventory if you're in the shopping/browsing mood. 

My flames cap is from Gypsy Warrior, another hot brand that's spoiled me with treasure... particularly of the faux fur and leopard print variety. Can't wait to show you what else is in store for the month! X

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. i love your style !!! amazing

  2. Love this outfit so much! xx

  3. This look is awesome !!!
    You have wonderful style !!
    Swag !

  4. awesome outfit you look so cool

    Hayley xx

  5. Great Style!

  6. I have pants like those & I love them! The tied flannel is a great addition.
    Megan xxx

  7. F*cking amazing! I want to have all of these clothes! xx

  8. I love your pants and the rest of this look!

  9. Cool hat, cool skirt and the shoes are nice aswell:)