Saturday, August 16, 2014

keithin' it real

I've always associated Keith Haring with childhood. As a toddler in the 90s, I grew up in Miami Beach when shit was really poppin' off -- entrepreneurs and artists were making their big break in a city exploding with economic growth and opportunity. My family, too, experienced that craze of success. Our neighbors had two daughters the same ages as me and my sister. So we played together everyday. Although I was young, I somehow had the capacity to deeply appreciate the incredible art on the walls of their home. Their Keith Haring prints especially stood out to me. Eventually I learned that they were originals from Keith himself, a friend and colleague of my playmates' dad! Keith provided the artwork for the nonprofit organization our neighbor founded in 1989 - and you may have heard of it: Best Buddies. Their friendship, collaboration, and activism has inspired me for a lifetime. The power of integrating art and philanthropy is incredible, and I encourage all of my readers to get to know Best Buddies -- and if you have the time, volunteer.

Best Buddies is a movement committed to establishing friendships and employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Socialization is a necessary element of every human life, and volunteering your friendship to someone who might not have the access or ability to foster relationships is a beautiful gift. I encourage anyone reading this to familiarize themselves with Best Buddies' state programs and integration opportunities. Be a friend. :)

Keith Haring Romwe top, 24HRS holographic cap, Guess sneakers

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  1. I'm in love with this cap

    Beijos, Raissa Galv√£o
    Ray Neon Blog

  2. i've been volunteering with best buddies for two years. thank you so much for bringing attention to our organization. i love the work i do there and i have met some kind, caring, intelligent, fantastic human beings through my involvement. it's such a great thing to befriend someone. thanks bebe :]

    and per usual, your outfit is perfection.

  3. You really are an amazing person Bebe!


  4. y r u so cool? xx