Friday, August 1, 2014


Wearing all white AND a snapback with the word "BOY" emblazoned on it soooo naturally I had to name this look Privilege. Gotta say... the contrast really accentuates my tan. A few people have asked me what products I use on my skin for that summertime bronzed look. I recently started using a bottled mist by a brand called Karora -- it's a one-time application spray that immediately tans without streaking. And it's a more efficient, longer lasting, and sophisticated product than the gradual build Jergens lotions I normally use. "Bronzed Bombshell" is the name of this skin conditioner and it came with an exfoliating velour mitt. I DESPERATELY NEEDED THAT MITT. Orange palms and fingertips is sooooo not my lifestyle anymore.  

Boy London hat, Msfairy top, Blackfive suspender dress, G by Guess sneaker wedges

Everything is infinite,



  1. Love your total look,you make up is so beautyfull.

  2. Your tan skin really glows! The white on white outfit is so good on you!


  3. OMG, the skirt and top together is so perf I wish I could rock it like that. The tanner looks so good, but to bad I'm black and don't need tanner lol

    Jackie Mitchell,

  4. I love the all white!!