Friday, August 15, 2014

snow leopard

I haven't been to the club since the last time I went to the club. Which was... 6 months ago? When you live in Vegas, avoiding clubs and lounges is a major feat. They seduce you. They enrapture you like Odysseyian sirens, except instead of singing gorgeous melodies they DJ infectious EDM and trap beats. It's as hard to resist as taking your heels off en route to valet after several hours of traipsing through a casino with a giant guitar shaped margarita container slung over your shoulder. But somehow, I manage. I sate my temptation by simply wearing an outfit I could wear to the club... but won't... because I am a responsible adult whose partying era ended before I was even legal to drink. 

The Bardot "Snow Leopard" bodycon is a heavenly fit for an evening out. I mean, it literally fits like an article of heaven. And it's fitting for a swanky situation. It just fits, okay? Check out the rest of this Australian line's collection

Bardot Snow Leopard dress, Lanvin necklace, Bebe clutch, Daily Look heels

Everything is infinite,



  1. Great outfit and Your make up is lovely!

  2. Amazing outfit !


  3. Gorgeous dress, you look amazing.