Wednesday, October 1, 2014


As y'all already know, my favorite online store has longtime been Swaychic. In the past couple years, they've been straight murdering it with their disgustingly on-point inventory. Scrolling through their new arrivals is a punishment to myself... everything is seductive. Everything is necessary. HELP. Naturally I had to throw it down with another collage of my FAVE NEW NEW in case you're also trying to get on that tip. Everything here is perfect for these fall-winter transitional months and can be dressed up or down to your likin'. P.S. Why are these models so hot? I questioned my sexuality for the entire 30 minutes it took me to make this collage, each time hovering my cursor with longing over pixels of gorgeous angel faces. Plz stop killing me Swaychic... in the famous words of Sway's (internet) famous PR rep @BOYTWEETSWORLDX, I simply cannot. But I can. Oh how I totally completely and utterly CAN. 

1. Hologram Boxy Tee, $29   |   2. Mesh Jogger Pants, $37   |   3. Plaid Romper, $32   |   4. Underground Cold Shoulder T-Shirt Dress, $47   |   5. Training Day Shorts, $34.50   |   6. Puppytooth Separate, $44   |   7. Gare Du Nord Denim Overalls, $44.50   |   8. Light Wash Denim Skort, $29.50

Everything is infinite,