Monday, January 5, 2015


Before Lagerfeld's iconic SS14 collection starring technicolor smock dresses and art supplies-as-accessories, few fashionistas would have equated the primary kitsch of printed paint palettes with couture as quality as Chanel (well, except for a brazen few of us). "High art" became en vogue all over again this past year, and with festivals like exclusive Art Basel replacing inclusive Coachella, it won't be long before that culture, too, is subsumed by mainstream attention and interest. Jk that is definitely already happening and I'm modestly pretending to live under a rock.

A year ago, I probably would have resented the Chanel collection for "appropriating" from an aesthetic that suggests liberation from currency. But this year, I hate "art culture." I revel in its aesthetic appropriation, its commercial flattening, its manipulation through association with new signifiers. I want it gone, or at least reduced to apparel where it can go out of style again. It is a culture of legitimizing institutions (schools, agencies, galleries), appraisal of beauty with paper and plastic, possession and materialism, distance from humility. It isn't something to defend or preserve. It's something to translate into commodities: obsolescence. 

Surely I am the only person alive paying sartorial homage to 'high art' because it feels like a passive aggressive goodbye.

Break Ice Trends plaid blazer, Romwe paint palette top, Yes Style harem capris, Persunmall heels, Chanel Privee collection framed flap bag, Chanel earrings + bangle

Happy 2015, friends!!!!! I'm gaining my momentum back... one season at a time.

Everything is infinite,



  1. The earrings, the pants, the jacket...perfection!!

  2. Love your jacket!

    - Grace xx

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  3. I love your bold use of color from head to toe! You're taking risks and making them look beyond fabulous :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  4. That top is the best colours screaming to be heard :) xoxo

  5. AMAZING - as always!

  6. I'm actually wondering if anyone commenting on your looks ever READS your blogposts. And if they're realizing it's not just pretty pictures of pretty clothes..

  7. Loving those heels.

    Eea P

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