Wednesday, August 27, 2014

little mistress

Have you ever seen a woman more prepared for an uppity wine and dine? Probably, but this is MY blog and MY hypothetical question! I've got my little black dress, strappy sandals, and a thirst for Chardonnay. But you know me. Travel size Sutter Homes will have to do until a gentleman steps up and sweeps me away... preferably in a limo, and preferably with iced bottles already on deck. Open container law? Doesn't apply to me in THIS outfit.'Driver roll up the partition please' is a lifestyle expectation, not a song lyric.

Many thanks to Little Mistress for hooking me up with this gorgeous dress for an evening to remember. Eventually. ;)

"White Label Bustier Bodycon dress" c/o Little Mistress, Pink and Pepper heels

Everything is infinite,