Monday, November 19, 2012


Bet you didn't know vests came in the floor-length variety, eh? To be fair, I didn't either until Life Lasting PR sent me this sent me this lapis trench number from Fairground that features gold buttons and a waist belt. Guess you can also wear it as a full dress! I chose to let it hang open and paired it with a maxi skirt to accentuate the dramatic ground-sweeping silhouette. Thanks, Life Lasting PR and Fairground, for a major dose of fluorescent blue this fine November day!

Hat - Zara
Sunglasses - Cobrashop
Lapis jewel necklace - Miu Miu
Lapis trench vest - Fairground
Button-up blouse - YES STYLE
Maxi skirt - Secondhand
Ankle booties - WANTED

Apparently last season's 'it color' was the megawatt lapis blue you're seeing here. Typical me, robe myself in its passe fluorescence a full few months after its rumored parting. Well. About that. I don't believe in colors ever going 'in' or 'out,' that's a bunch of corporate hooey. Wear whatever you want whenever you want. Even... *scans brain for most outdated color and texture combination it can surmise* an acid-washed neon super v-neck in jersey cotton. OKAY NO ACTUALLY DON'T DO THAT LOL I don't really want to be held accountable for your faux pas. Wow. Small heart attack. 

P.S. For more Fairground news and pics of style bloggers like me personalizing their technicolor collection, 'like' Life Lasting PR on FB! Updates ahoy.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Ahem to that! I'm obsessed with this blue and will wear it to death!

  2. I don't believe in "in" or "out" either. So my clothes are out? Says who? I like them anyway. And if they fit me and I look good in them I'm sure nobody's going to bother about the colour of the moment :)

  3. you are so diferent but so fabulous !
    i do love your outfit

  4. This look is awesome!!! Love that the necklace matches the long vest :)

  5. love the blue colour :)

  6. That's such a cool piece, gorgeous colour! I think I need a maxi vest in my life!

    Pip x

  7. awesome hat! <3

  8. love this look so much! Effortless

  9. Just so so hot girl! Awesome outfit. Wish it was warmer so I could try out layers like this x