Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Gray skies are a visual marker of Vegas’ official induction into winter. “Bring it on!” I cry, middle finger to clouds. Tough, right? It makes up for how dorkishly excited I am about the opportunity to wear heavy knits and fuzzy cowl neck ponchos like OH, THIS ONE. I got it from Yes Style, the site I frequent most when shopping for cheap must-haves. Sometimes I want to invest in a staple because I know I’ll use it a million times and need premium quality fabric to keep up with me. Other times, I want a simple item so badly that I demand it NOW – this is the hideous, instant gratification side of my personality that you never want to see because it’s borderline Veruca Salt– and need a wholesale site like Yes Style with LOOOOW prices to deliver instantly. And they always do. Which is why I’m such a happy, loyal, addicted camper.


Obey x Keith Haring beanie - 80s Purple
Leatherette hoodie - YES STYLE
Poncho - YES STYLE
Skull bracelet/bunny ring - RINGS AND TINGS
Nordic print leggings - NATURAL COLOUR
"Control" Stud booties - PINK & PEPPER
Fringe bag - CHICWISH

This is a solid outfit for me because it combines my favorite pair of flat boots from Pink & Pepper with my favorite kinda hat (a beanie) to create a sporty winter look that's as low maintenance as it is effortlessly chill. The cowl-neck top looks bomb half-tucked into pants and paired with a heavy leatherette hoodie, or baring arms and cascading loosely over nordic print leggings. I got the best of the both worlds, ready to weather the highs and lows of a windy November day. 

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. I love how slouchy that top is - it looks so cozy! Plus, it's perfect with the awesome print leggings <3

    Trendy Teal

  2. I really like how warm this outfit looks - and it's still stylish.

  3. This looks so cosy. Your lip shape is amazing!

    Megan xxx

  4. Oh Bebe, there's a fine line between a strong Liz Taylor brow and overwhelming your face.

    1. Oh Amber, your interests include "punk rock" and "body modification" yet you exercise appeals to mainstream beauty icons and makeup standards literally SOLD to you by ad campaigns? I'm sure you hate it when people police your taste in piercings, wardrobe choices, and lifestyle. Treat me with the same sensitivity you'd like from other people. Your opinion is uninvited and I am thoroughly exhausted with having to respond to people like you who feel justified in sharing their passive aggressive, unsolicited thoughts about somebody else's cosmetic agency. Please.

  5. Love your bag!


  6. ahhh crazy about your killer style! loving your blog.

    xx Rebe


  7. Man, you have changed SO much since you first posts (which I have just been looking at) ....you look like a different person! Personally, I prefer your make up a little more toned down, the brows and lips are a little bit overpowering for my taste but hey....you're still rocking it. Bracelet is ace and I love a big of bag fringe.

  8. what the fuck is on your hat