Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween from Boba Zeva!

Last night for Halloween, I decided to unleash my anime schoolgirl persona BOBA in the spirit of the holiday. I didn't actually go anywhere, unless you count the kitchen, so my costume went unappreciated by all but the flour, sugar, and rolling pin. Yes, it was a homemade cookies kinda night, and baking while in cosplay made it all the merrier. Not an elaborate outfit, but schoolgirl uniforms rarely are so a simple blouse and knee-highs did the trick!

Blue wig - Serge's
Schoolgirl blouse - YES STYLE
Side zip circle skirt - YES STYLE
Patent leather loafers - Pink & Pepper

The 'manga makeup' I did here isn't SO over the top that you couldn't wear it out of the house without feeling like a circus act. It's pretty much my normal routine, with a few extra steps:

  • Foundation
  • Mascara on top lashes
  • Thick cat eye wing with black liquid eyeliner on top lip
  • White Lime Crime liquid eyeliner on water line and below lash line. This creates the illusion that your actual eyeballs are much larger than they really are, which is how anime characters appear.
  • A line of black liquid eyeliner underneath the white eyeliner below the lower lash line. This creates the illusion that your eyeballs ends where the line is drawn, and the white eyeliner is part of your actual eyeball. Extend the line diagonally toward the wing tip on the upper lid so that the entire line connects and creates a round, slanted shape.
  • A layer of loose black or dark brown eyeshadow over the black liquid eyeliner line to create a smoky effect. 
  • 9 vertical doll lashes underneath the smoky eyeshadow layer, applied with black liquid eyeliner
  • A gradient light brown to jet black application of eyeshadow above the cat eye wing on the top lid
  • Bright pink blush on the apples of your cheeks
  • Light pink lip liner in the center of the lips (instead of lining the entire mouth) to create a smaller, more heart-shaped look.
  • An application of nude lipstick (I used “Coquette” by Lime Crime)
  • An application of matte, opaque pastel pink lipstick over the nude (I used “Countessa Fluorescent” by Lime Crime)
Try it next year - or to your next costume party! Or just for fun! Happy Halloween, y'all.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. i always love your make up! thanks for posting this! <3
    i'll try it soon >_<

  2. Love your make up and your hair!

    1. Sorry i'm wrong! My website is

  3. Wat. WAAAT?? This is PERFECT. Jeezus I wish my school uniform was as cool as this. Omg this is great.

  4. So cute! Hope you had a great Halloween!

  5. Manga themed outfits are the best,you look great ;)

  6. You can just remove your makeup and nobody will recognize you

  7. Cool makeup! Love the pictures!

  8. Looks amazing!

  9. I feel bad that you got all dressed up and had nowhere to go. I'd love to be your friend bebe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx