Saturday, November 17, 2012


I warned you that I'd soon go BUCK WILD with the baroque prints! Here I am in a gold, camel, and rose ensemble that incorporates the metallic opulence of rococo and subtleties of muted tones like champagne and nude. My mom bought me this blazer (which I admit reminds me of an especially posh pair of drapes) for my 19th birthday. It's taken me waaay too long to debut it here in a look! I've also used it in an editorial photoshoot I styled for Desert Fish, a fashion magazine from Dubai. So much potential... this outfit is just one 'royal' interpretation. It also feels a bit flirtatious. Hence the name - Rocoquette. *Bats an eyelash as I readjust my tiara*


Beret - Yes Style
Medallion necklace - Oscar De La Renta
Blazer - Lafayette from Neiman Marcus
Metallic top - Cache
"Tribal Beach Shorts" - Asian iCandy
Clutch bag - Marc Jacobs
Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell

I originally intended to wear a DIY crown fastened from paper, glitter, and mod podge with this outfit, but somehow it disappeared from my bedroom a few days after the glue finished drying! I'm super bummed about it even though it only took two seconds to make. Was such a creative idea... despite the sparkling mess that ensued. Dry glitter. It'll really do a number on your floor. I'm still shaking gold debris off the clothes it came in contact with! In better news, these shorts. SUPER tight, super cropped, but that doesn't intimidate me at all. Check out the rest of the selection on Asian iCandy's website! I've also styled a transparent polka dot gown from their dress department - you can revisit that post right here. Hope you're enjoying the fashion industry's baroque obsession as much as I am! You only trend once. 

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. i was just nearly your 5000th follower! damn why didn't i wait to actually be it... 4999th not as good.


  2. wow where do you draw your inspiration
    you are FAb and you;re my favorite fashion icon

  3. That jacket is amazing!!

  4. This look is phenomenal. I like the jacket the best.

    <3 Melissa

  5. I love your outfit ! Baroque's cool anyway ! :D

  6. I love floral prints therefore, I love your shorts and blazer. Check out my floral clothing and accessories at

  7. so so amazing! i'm loving your style and your eyebrows are to kill for!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  8. Ahh loving your blazer!! So perfect with all the baroque touches. Those shorts are great too<3

    x Natalie

  9. I'm sure people must ask you all the time, but i would love to see a photoshoot of you without make-up!!;p

  10. Like the chunky jewelry and could you link us to the photoshoot??

  11. That sucks about your crown! Hopefully it will turn up and you can share it with us through a different outfit :] My fave piece in this are those shorts!



  12. That blazer is gorgeous!
    Megan xxx