Monday, September 15, 2014

glamour kills day one: dream forever

During this confused summer to fall transitional stage, I couldn't be any hungrier for inspiration that marries leisurely California beach vibes with the mystery (and mystique) of American autumn. Glamour Kills nails it no matter the season, so I'll be wearing one of their tees every day of the week to showcase their recent collection. It flows 'seamlessly' into my wardrobe and can 'top off' any theme, any occasion. Today my inspiration is clearly puns, Palm Springs, and a convertible parked somewhere untraceable between indistinguishable desert acres. Peach sky stratum stroked with cumulus wonder match the pinks in my shirt and kimono. Gold shades to guard my eyes from uninvited gaze. Shoes that only speak when spoken to.

Glamour Kills, thanks for the opportunity to not only live the dream but dress the part.

Everything is infinite,



  1. Amazing look! I love your tee and shoes <3
    Saskia! xo

  2. you look absolutely stunning <3
    I'm the first time on your blog and I fell in love with your style!

    best Michaela

  3. Ho god these shoes!

  4. I'm loving the clashing of the prints
    So gorgeous
    S xx

  5. This outfit is very cool and relaxed, it's very Cali. Super cute!

  6. Estoy enamorada de esa camiseta, y todo en conjunto queda genial ^^

    Muchos besos.

  7. Love your shoes, and I am thinking of getting them in black, just wondering if they are hard to walk in and are they easy to style? love your blog btw :)