Wednesday, September 10, 2014

you're fired

Up in blue flames this week... these vinyl wedges are my downright favorite pair of shoes. I wore them once to a punk show (remember this story from like, 2 years ago? ) and they broke while I was moshing. Another time they broke while I was crossing Hollywood Boulevard on my way to Goodwill. So, we've been through a lot, me and these shiny hunks. They've since been repaired with industrial grade glue so I think they'll last many more moshing endeavors and jaywalking excursions. 

This outfit is a dream for Vegas weather -- perforated mesh makes for ideal ventilation conditions while traipsing the Strip. Hit me up if you're ever out here. I'll show ya a good time.

Romwe mesh flames dress, snapback from 7-11, sunglasses from Claire's outlet, secondhand wedges

Everything is infinite,