Friday, September 12, 2014

hex champ

Champion of all things gradient, I self-identify as Pantone and Valspar's shared MVP. Catch me at your local Sherwin Williams pocketing sample color cards with delectable pastel auras. See me at Benjamin Moore engaged in a riveting discussion with a paint specialist about which shade of eggshell contains higher elements of blue value. Hex princess. Aesthete athlete. When I drink Gatorade, I sweat high opacity acrylic drops in the exact color code of whatever flavor I consumed. Home Depot you can get really get it.

Of course Wizards of the West printed these leggings -- I'm on a roll. I'm literally going hard in the paint. Combined with this oversize jersey I picked up at Fallas Paredes, I look pretty poppin' for a walking ombre advertisement. 

Wizards of the West "Color Swatch Leggings", ZeroUV sunglasses

Everything is infinite,