Friday, September 19, 2014

glamour kills days four: bearly human

Depending on your definition, I may or may not be an actual human being... which makes this polyblend muscle tee terribly fitting. In the figurative sense. The way it physically fits isn't terrible at all, it's flattering and designed for desert heat and shows off my toned upper arms (holla new gym membership). But back to my main point: I'm only like 1% homosapien. I say this because all of my behaviors suggest that I am actually a sloth-bat-possum hybrid. Extremely lazy, live in a cave, play dead when intimidated. That kinda thing. So the graphic "bearly human" is suspiciously spot on.

Glamour Kills inspired me to channel my grunge goddess spirit animal (probably a bear) and pair this tee with faded denim and a plaid flannel. Like the good old days. And good new days to come. ^_^ 

Glamour Kills Bearly Human muscle tee, 80s Purple sunglasses, secondhand shorts and boots, Ralph Lauren plaid flannel

Everything is infinite,