Thursday, September 11, 2014

high life

Finally this much-deserving lime green vest makes an appearance on le blog. Been too long for such a strapping staple... I received this studded wonder for my birthday last year c/o amazing friends from 24HRS (the shop that also stocks those out of control holographic and vinyl snapbacks I have). It's been paired with leatherette leggings and pleated skirts and silvery space cadet dresses. To the point of fading into even more muted shades of chartreuse. Beauty doesn't fade. Beauty is fading. 

These "palm print" leggings (HA WHO ARE WE KIDDING THIS IS A FLAGRANTLY 420 FRIENDLY ZONE... to the point of being pushy) are from a swimsuit and legging online specialty store called "Wizards of the West" -- I have several choice pieces from their iconic collections. Including a strawberry bodysuit and color coded leggings (be patient). Keep peepin'!

Lip Service cropped moto vest, 24HRS cap, Holes eyewear, Wizards of the West "Cannabis" leggings

Everything is infinite,