Wednesday, September 17, 2014

glamour kills day three: flower metal

Floral prints and ripped-all-to-hell jeans are just the juxtaposish' I'm looking for. Today's outfit says "honor the abject with luxury." Huge holes at the knees of your secondhand acid bleached paint stained pants? Slip into a pair of heels. The raglan tee I'm sporting needs absolutely no sprucing -- it speaks for itself in the laidback language of softball practice. And reflective sunnies... to remind you of yourself while at eye level with me. 

One word for Glamour Kills day three: SLAY. Trying to do exactly that with these hair flips and poses. You can't see all the movement that goes into photographing an outfit like this. But trust me. It's a death metal dance party.

Glamour Kills floral baseball tee, Missguided heels, 80s Purple sunnies

Everything is infinite,



  1. so stylish! amazing!!and your blog is so cool!!!I'm following!!! it would be really wonderful if you could visit mine and follow me back!!thanks in advance!

  2. So casual and relaxed i'm loving!
    S xx

  3. This look is very cool!!
    I like it <3 <3 <3

  4. Amazing! <3