Tuesday, September 16, 2014

glamour kills day two: wilin' out

Not every summer-fall day has to pay homage to bohemian sunsets. This look is unapologetically rock n' roll, a theme I haven't explored too often these past several months! Could it be that I've secluded into the shells of shier personas? Identities that don't wear leopard and leather? Perhaps this outfit is evidence of extroverted progress. I'm getting my swag back. It's been a year (or two) but rest assured. Swag levels will return to standard.

Glamour Kills murders the muscle tee game with graphic basics in colors I trust. This aqua is cool and versatile -- packs all the punch I need to get away with my bad girl role. I used to don looks like this on the daily and now I feel so out of my element! What's happening?? Has middle parting my hair pacified my inner rockstar? Thank god for the side swoop. Side swoops and guitar practice. They're doing wonders for my confidence.

Glamour Kills "mint mischief" muscle tee, Members Only jacket, American Apparel leggings, Zigi boots c/o Karmaloop, Zero UV sunglasses

Everything is infinite,



  1. So gorge! I love those shades
    S xx

  2. love the bottoms!


  3. Love the outfit!! <3


  4. Nice rag tag look, hair looks gnar and compliments the lepored print.