Saturday, September 20, 2014

glamour kills day five: rock stud

I know the title "rock stud" has already been squatted by Valentino and respectively dispersed by upper echelon fashion bloggers, but how else can I describe my look? I'm a stud. Who rocks. I'm a rocker who wears studs. My pants are studded. My shirt is rockin'. I see no problem here. This top is identical to the mint mischief muscle tee I posted on day two -- but this time in a more slimming color (or lack thereof). Glamour Kills affords the opportunity to order two or three of any shirt in varying styles/colors/graphics and work it into your closet's staple section. So I got two tees, diff colors, diff days. Same hot rod rock stud. 

My pantalones are perfecto for a minimal black and white theme. Remember the Tantra faux leather shorts I blogged about last month in Plaid To The Bone? Well these bad boys are blood related -- they both hail from my favorite jeansmith Cult of Individuality. This pair is called the "Teaser Skinny" and retails for $150. That's the minimum I would spend on a pair of pants! Any less and you're dealing with some brokeback disposable denim. 

This outfit will propel me through September, October, November and onward... so long as I throw on some quality leather and maybe a pair of spiked earmuffs. You don't even want to know what kind of craziness exists in my fantasy winter collection. 

And with a resounding THANK YOU GLAMOUR KILLS I conclude this week of cute tops and summer-fall-winter transition wear! Tune back in on Monday for the new new.

Glamour Kills black mischief muscle tee, Cult of Individuality Teaser Skinny jeans in white, Missguided heels, ZeroUV sunnies

Everything is infinite,



  1. Such a cool black and white combi, love that top!
    XOXO Hannah

  2. Those pants are so unique!

  3. Great look :)


  4. Those jeans are amazing!

  5. Great shoes <3

  6. Great photos, love those white jeans.

  7. Really cute outfit! I want those sunglasses! If you're ever looking for a gorgeous handmade leather bag, check out!

  8. Your sunglasses are divine
    S xx